How to Wake up Energised and Productive


Did I succeed, you may ask...? Yes!  Some of the tricks I will give you here are from some really good books I read, online courses, podcasts, blog posts, but specially they came from my personal experience and what I tested and know that works for me, and will probably work for you.If you are interested and motivated in Waking Up Energised and Ready for the day, than this post is for you!Waking up tired and without energy? Not Anymore!1.Plan your day the night before:This is the reason why most people end up spending their morning energy deciding useless things, when they should use it in more important things that actually will bring you results! Because when you get to the end of the day really tired it is mostly because of the decisions you made during the day. So following the logic, if you make all the worthless decisions the night before (when your energy is already needing a refuel), you are allowing yourself to save energy next morning!What I do/decide the night before is:-The clothes I'm going to wear the next day;-What I want to eat for breakfast;-3 goals I want to achieve next day. Just 3? You may ask. I know, we all got more than 3 things to do. But reduce them to the most important ones, focusing on the things that will bring you results and success in long term. 2.Create a Morning Routine/Ritual:It may sounds cliché to you, but it can make your day much productive. The trick is to find the perfect routine for you. I will write here my EVERYDAY Morning routine, you can adapt it to make sure it fits you!-Waking Up and Meditate. This is a pretty simple process, where I just wake up, sit on the bed (with the lights off) and close my eyes for 1/2 minutes. This will help you to relax and stay focused for your tasks through the day.-I look at myself, in the mirror, and I smile... Widely! This may sounds ridiculous, but it works really great! Actually when I look at myself, smiling at my own, I even laugh just thinking how weird I may look! And this gives your brain the message: I am HAPPY! Is there anything better than this?-I drink a big glass of water with 1/2 lemon juice! This will help keep you hydrated and it also speeds up your metabolism which may help you lose weight.-I have a shower, get dressed, do my skin routine, makeup, etc...-This is my favourite part of my morning routine! I go outside (if where you live is cold, you can do that inside), and I walk in my garden (you can walk in a public park/avenues), while reading! I take my eReader/a physical book or an audiobook with me, and I just walk for 15-30 minutes reading/listening to a good book. I recommend you to pick up a book that will inspire and give you good ideas (business successful stories, self-help, biographies, motivational books, etc).After my reading time I take my smartphone and I write some notes about the book or ideas I had while reading it. I recommend you to use Evernote, but any other app or notebook will do. This will stimulate your brain and keep it ready and wake for everything that comes next in the day!-Have my breakfast! Also an important part of your routine! Make sure you eat well, and avoid sugary food.-A 3/4 minutes last morning meditation. Sometimes I skip this one and do it along with my first morning meditation. What I do here is thinking about my 3 important goals for the day, and how I plan doing them. I after list 3 to 5 five things that I'm grateful that happened the day before. This seems really difficult, but once you list one thing the ones will come right over. This will give you a positive feeling about your life! 3.Get Excited!If before going to bed you're already thinking about how boring your next day will be and how many tasks you need to complete, of course you will wake up with a negative energy and mind! Get Excited with everything you need to do! Of course, throwing up the garbage isn't a really exciting thing, but why not turning it into something cool? How? Put your headphones and while doing this task listen to an interesting audiobook/podcast.Your 3 daily goals should actually make you excited too! Are you planning to start reading a new book? Working on a project you really love? Doing some exercise? Start writing your first novel or Blog Post? Learning and Mastering a new Topic? Those are just a few examples of the exciting things you can plan and you SHOULD do every single day! And it doesn't matter if it's a weekday or a weekend, if you're doing what you love the rest is just a small detail. 4.A Day Starts in the Morning!You decided the 3 most important goals you want to achieve that day, so why don't you start in the first hour of the day achieving them? Even if that means waking up early, that shouldn't be a problem because you're doing what you love.Putting in practise one of your goals in the morning, will give you a feeling of accomplishment that will last all day, which will boost your confidence, motivation, positiveness, etc! 5.Exercise your body! I don't like to run much, I prefer to walk! So that's what I do everyday when I'm going to school, or to any other place. With good music every street will look like 5th Avenue. This will keep give you an extra energy boost and happiness! 6.Learn, Learn and Learn! I challenge you to do this right now! In a sheet of paper, or on your smartphone, write everything you want to learn (business topics, how to write better, language courses, programming, designing, yoga, html, nutrition, maths, anatomy, etc)!  Decide one or two topics that you are more curious about, and start learning them!Take courses, read books, watch youtube videos, find blogs/forums/pages, etc that will help you accomplish your goals! And Master everything you're willing to learn! 7.Inbox: 0 - EmailThis may sounds like an useless tip, but it will actually help you in the task of keeping your mind much more cleaner and organised.-The challenge is: Delete all of the emails that aren't important (newsletter, advertising, etc) and archive the ones you want to save or keep. The ones that should stay in your inbox are the ones that take longer to answer and you hadn't time yet.Waking up tired and without energy? Not a problem anymore!If you want, feel free to share in the comments some tricks you may have related with this topic!