It’s Ok to Fail – A Quick Reminder


It’s ok to failIt’s ok to be wrong.It’s ok to be scared to try.It’s ok to be tired.It’s ok to feel useless.It’s ok to procrastinate.It’s ok to not get up.It’s ok to cry.It’s ok to hurt someone.It’s ok to not exercise.It’s ok to be sensitive.It’s ok to feel stupid.It’s ok to feel like crap.It’s ok to not feel happy.It’s ok to eat unhealthy food.It’s ok to not feel like helping others.It’s ok to complain.It’s ok to judge.It’s ok to be a human.It’s ok to make bad decisions.It’s ok to say sorry.It’s ok to regret.It’s ok to try making things better.It’s ok to change.It’s ok to love.It’s ok to be ashamed of some attitudes.It’s ok when you just need to remind yourself that:It’s ok to fail

thoughtsFilipa Canelas