How I Plan to Interview Authorities to my Blog


To do that, my main goal is to get an interview with them. So then I can post here their answers, so you can find and discover more about that person.

And mostly because I really, really, really want to talk and thank those people! 

This way, I’m giving value to my interviewed, by “exposing” them to my community. While they also generate a TON of value to all of you and for me too!

The questions will be more focused on their productivity habits, because that’s mainly what this blog is about. Even though I will also ask other type of questions!

But when most people interview, for example, a digital marketing expert, mostly they will ask questions about marketing. I might also ask questions about marketing, but I want to find and learn their daily habits too.

Because in my opinion, that is a really interesting way to find new habits, productivity tips, organization methods, etc.

I also want to know how they built what they have in the moment. So you can also be inspired by their story and work!

I want to post one interview per week. And I’m already working on this project, because I’m in the process of creating different questions to send to those I want to interview.

But how do I plan to interview those people?

I created a method to follow each time I want to interview a new person. I have no idea if this method works, but we will see. If it doesn’t work then I will create a new one, and share it with you!

My Plan to Interview Authorities to my Blog!

people = great minds

interview people for my blog

interview people for my blog

#1: List everyone you want to interview

I made a list of all the people that changed my life positively in the past. Those can be friends, family members, entrepreneurs, writers, etc. I have a very big list, that includes names such as:-Derek Sivers;-Tim Ferriss;-Seth Godin;-Anthony Robbins;-Jack Canfield;-Cal Newport;-Rachel Aaron;-David Allen;-Casey Neistat;-Chade-Meng-Tan;-Marc Guberti;-Kent Healy;-Melyssa Griffin;-Arnold Schwarzeneger-Mariah Coz;-Gary Keller;-Bryan Harris;-Chris Bailey;And many others!

Don’t limit yourself. If you really want to interview Arnold Schwarzeneger, add him to your list (I did)!This doesn’t mean you will be able to interview all of these people next week.

It’s something that takes time, and I highly encourage you to be creative when trying to pitch those people, when asking them to answer your questions!

#2: Choose one person

Then I choose only one to interview next. You can start with people in your list that aren’t so popular or famous. This doesn’t mean they aren’t really successful and that have the power to change lives. They simply are a bit more easy to reach when you’re starting.

Because interviewing for example, Bill Gates, doesn’t seem easy. For that reason, try to start with people that aren’t so famous after all, but you know that have the same power to change lives.

#3: Make Research!

After choosing the authority I want to interview, I find and write all the projects that person participated in the past, what they’re doing in the present and also future projects.As you already know the person you want to interview, you probably already know some of their projects. But it’s interesting to find others that you didn’t know about.  For example, if you want to interview a writer, it would be interesting to find some books they published in the past and to compare them with their present or future work. Asking them what their writing habits are, how long does it take them to write a book, etc. The possibilities are limitless!

#4: Write Questions

The next step is to write the questions I want those authorities to answer! Include some references to their past and future work so they know you are interested in what they do.

Only ask questions that you really want to know about that person, because it will make the interview much more interesting and enjoyable for you and for them. Just don’t be intrusive!

As I really like to know other people’s routines, habits and productivity tips, I’m planning to make at least one question related to that. Also consider questions related to their projects, work, their journey, and other questions you might think will be interesting to know.

In the end of the “long” questions, I’m going to ask some quick questions.Where I want short answers to very simple and interesting facts about them, such as: “Last book you read”; “Dream job when you were a kid”; “Favourite quote”; etc.

And in the last question I give the opportunity to expose their work, so my readers can find them on the web (website, social media, books, products, etc). 

#5: Email

Then, I need to find a way to reach them so I can send my questions. Finding them isn’t that hard, as many of those people have a personal website with a “Contact Me” section.

When writing them an email, I’m trying to explain briefly what my blog is about, and also I like to refer, for example, that I’ve read one of their books and list them reasons why I enjoyed it so much. I also send the questions I want to ask in the first email. I’m not entirely sure this is the best approach. But this is the one I’m trying right now. If it doesn’t work, I will let you know.

  1. If they accept the interview, I will email them telling the day and hour it will go live.

  2. The day it goes live, I email the link so they can check the interview. I will also include a direct link to share on twitter, so they can do it easily.

  3. I repeat this process for each person I want to interview next

And right now this is my plan Interview Authorities to my Blog. At the date, 5th February 2017, I only emailed one person and it was a negative answer.

But I’m not going to give up. If I see this method doesn’t work, I will create another one! Because I really want to interview people that empowered me! So they can empower you too! 

If you have any tips on how to get an interview, please share them in the comments or send me an email!

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