My notes on Purple Cow by Seth Godin


I’ve recently came across a very interesting book: Purple Cow written by Seth Godin.

Seth Godin is a bestselling author of 18 books, a marketing expert but mostly: a very interesting person.

This book, Purple Cow, is 137 pages long, but is full of insights and can dramatically impact your business and life!

Even though the book was published in 2003, there’s no way it’s out of date!The principles Seth talks about in his book should not only be used by marketeers but by everyone (whatever your job might be).

If you could only retain one thing from this book make sure it is this one: Be Remarkable! Be Different! Be a Purple Cow!

For me, this main idea was the most important one!

If you think about it: the internet, and the world in general, is full of information, products, services, etc.

What will make your product, service or content stand out from the others?

This got me thinking! So I decided to make a brainstorming of ideas to improve and differentiate my blog from others. I’m now in the process of implementing some of those ideas.

I highly encourage you to think about this! What could you do differently that would turn you into a purple cow?

The key is to think outside the box! Think differently, be creative.

There are always new and creative ways to transform something you already have, into something even better!

For example, if you own a coffee shop, or work in one, you can be creative and transform your costumers experience into something awesome and remarkable! Something that will make people share their experiences with their friends and spread your brand!

The best marketing strategy, specially in a low-budget, is the word-to-mouth.

When a friend of yours shares their great experience with a specific product or service, you feel confident enough to buy it, right?

That’s exactly what your product should create in your costumers: the desire to share it with their friends!

Seth covers a lot more in this book, using real life examples and case studies to prove his point!

So I definitely recommend you to read Purple Cow if you want a different marketing perspective! Or if you simply want another reason to be creative and different. 

Don’t be afraid of being the purple cow in your niche, company, town, family, or group of friends! Being different is great.

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