The power of setting intentions


When we don’t seek clarity, everything gets in our way, and we finish the day without really accomplishing nothing. Or, we do complete every task on our to-do list, but none of those tasks are meaningful for us. That is why setting intentions or priorities for the day is so important. You should set 3 intentions that make you excited! They also should contribute to making you progress in a work or personal project you’ve been working on and are really passionate about.One of those priorities could be related to learning something new, through books, online courses, seminars, etc. We should not forget to work in ourselves too!

“Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”­Jim Rohn

Setting intentions can be done the night before or you can make it a part of your morning ritual. It will take you 1 minute to do it, and it will definitely impact the way you approach your day. You will make time for your top 3 priorities because you made them your priorities!A powerful technique that you can do after setting intentions, is to visualize yourself achieving them. Tony Robbins does it every day. It must be powerful if Tony Robbins does it…Sometimes we neglect our own personal goals to be prompted to help others achieve theirs. We’re constantly checking our emails to see if someone needs us. We are always online, ready to answer one more message or to accept another request. But does that really make us progress and success? Probably not. This is not to say that you shouldn’t help others. But remember: your top 3 priorities are more important than anyone else’s priorities! Focus first on achieving your own goals, and only then, you can help others achieve theirs!

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”— Jim Rohn

I like to wake up early, so I can have time to execute my morning ritual, but also to accomplish one of the goals I set. This will give me the momentum I need to continue progressing and working on the other things throughout the day! And I can guarantee you that I also have time to help my friends, colleagues, and family every day! So, having priorities will not make you insensible or an egocentric person. It will make you focus on what really matters to you, in order to feel inspired and motivated to help others on their missions too! Setting intentions for the day put you ahead of the game.setting intentionsThe days I don’t set any priorities, are the days when I accomplish nothing! Because it is much easier to accept my brains’ excuses when I don’t have a plan. So, everything seems fine to skip. But when I’ve actually written the goal of writing 500 words and I don’t do it, I will feel unworthy. And that feeling is a good motivator to keep me on track.Don’t leave your days to randomness!Setting intentions will also make you question your to-do list. Do I really need to do this? Can’t I automate it? Can’t I outsource it? Is this really necessary? Or is it a way of making myself busy?Busy is trendy now. If you’re not always busy, it seems like you’re not working enough. But that should not be a way of measuring success. What matter is: are you keeping yourself busy with things that really matter? Things that will make you move forward? That will make you progress? Things that you’re