Tim Ferriss' Morning Ritual


Tim Ferriss is one of the best on deconstructing the habits and routines of the most successful people on Earth.

He challenges himself to learn new things with the top performers in the world, by understanding the method they used, to become really good in the smallest period of time.

You might recognize Tim as a successful entrepreneur and angel investor. Or because he was the first American winning the Guinness World Record dancing tango. Or even because he was a kickboxing champion. Or maybe because of the bestsellers he wrote. Or his podcast? Well…

By only listening to his podcast, reading his books or blog posts, you can learn the tactics and methods you should use if you want to learn, for example, a new language.

We have the perception that to learn a new language it takes years! But Tim shows you can do it in a short period of time, by starting for the right principles.

As you know, I’m a huge believer that morning rituals can change our day. Just like Tim said: “If you win the morning, you win the day.”

So, Tim also has his own morning ritual, shared on his podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show”.

In his morning routine, he focuses on a combination of 5 actions that can change and impact his day. But he feels pretty happy when he accomplishes at least 3 of these.

1# Make your Bed

Tim Ferriss starts his day by doing a really simple thing, making his bed. Sounds boring, right?

But Tim was convinced by a monk, that it was one of the most positive ways to start a new day.

He says that making his bed gives him the power of accomplishment. Because he starts his day by doing something productive after waking up.

This is something I really want to try, but I have a problem making beds. For some reason, I always feel dizzy when making my bed (no mum, it’s not an excuse!)

But I highly encourage you to try. Because when your bed is made, you feel that everything is much more organized and clean. Which can affect you positively in the beginning of the day!

2# Meditation

This is something very common in other people’s routines, meditation.

I meditate too in the mornings, but in a different format (by feeling grateful and also by thinking about the 3 goals I want to achieve in the day).

I practice a more typical kind of meditation when I’m going to sleep, with the help of the app “Headspace”. Because I feel anxious when I want to sleep.

Tim said that by doing a morning meditation, he is allowed to “get 30 to 50 percent more done that day with less stress.”

Basically, he repeats a sound or mantra that helps him forget and block the noise in his mind (transcendental meditation).

You can use the help of coaching programs, online videos, apps (such as Mindfulness or Headspace), or even listening to a song while focusing on your breathing, as Tim suggests.

If you’re just starting meditating, Tim recommends you to “start small”. So don’t compare yourself to a Buddha if you’re at the beginning of the process.

3# Exercise! Or hang!

Well, I find this one particularly funny, because it remembers me of a monkey! But Tim does this more than one time per day.

He just hangs himself by his hands on a rig for 1 minute.   

I’m considering buying or trying to make a structure where I can do this exercise. Because, as Tims says, it has a lot of benefits such as: “decompress the spine” and “improving the grip strength”.

#4 Tea Time!

He loves to drink Tea and he drinks it in the morning. He calls his tea the “Titanium Tea” and he drinks it instead of coffee.

It is a combination of pu-erh tea (from China) and other types of tea, grass-fed butter and coconut oil. Click here to watch Tim preparing his morning tea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIVD3-SRdvQ

I do not like tea much, but I might try it some time!

#5 Keeping a Journal!

It is proven that journaling has a ton of benefits for our mental state.

Tim uses journaling to relieve anxiety and to feel positive about his day, by clearing his mind.

He recommends using the “Five-Minute Journal” (to write your achievements and the things you’re grateful for), or the Morning Pages journal, by writing 3 pages full of thoughts every morning!

It is something worth trying because it helps your mind to feel more clear and sharp.

If you try any of these “experiments” and rituals, tell me how you felt!